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In 1998 Erebuni expedition under the leadership of Felix Ter-Martirosov, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia took up an archaeological exploration in the hill of Arin Berd. In 1998 the excavations were implemented and are in process till today. The excavations are carred out with the help of students from Art Academy or Yerevan State University, and with the help of the organization of "Young Pilgrims" as well as enthusiasts and dilettantes of ancient history. There were no Armenians among them. Most of them were Americans and French. The results are marvelous.
The excavations will unearth the walls of ancient constructions, full with ceramic fragments, metal implements, works of art, etc. They are planned to be carried out not only for the reason of the scientific interest, but also for the extreme interest of the young generation for understanding own routes and history, to unearth themselves the lost facts of the ancient history and heritage. This was the point of percussion for the creation of the archaeological summer school. The school is acting on the base of three ancient archaeological sites - Erebuni, Beniamin and Yervandashat, during the periods of their excavations. The participants of the school will have an opportunity to touch the bases of the archaeological science, to be introduced to the ancient cultures of the Urartian Kingdom, Achemenidian Empire and Early Armenian Kingdom. Besides, the participants can visit the archaeological and historical sites on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, make friends with the members of the local students community and find real friends, as well as to be introduced to the vital processes in Armenia.


Our service includes:
•  Pick up at the Zvartnots airport of Yerevan
•  Pension style accommodations or private houses in Yerevan
•  Transportation to and from the archaeological site
•  All the meals three times in a day, plus a lunch during the excavations and fruits
•  All the equipment for the excavations
•  A general tour through the province's best architectural-historical monuments and sites, with a traditional Armenian dinner of farewell and new welcoming at the end of the project
•  Transportation to the Zvartnots airport of Yerevan
•  Hotel accommodation in Yerevan if required (Prices are not included)

Service package excludes:
•  Airfare to Armenia
•  All personal expenses including insurances, visas, etc
•  Optional tours or local transportation not known at time of booking
•  All personal expenses including travel cancellation, medical and any other insurances
• Teaching of Armenian language and history.


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